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This subject is about getting answers to questions about prehistoric and ancient civilizations. The prerequisite for studying is that you have acquired the Latinum at school. It is even better if you also have the graecum in your pocket. But that is not enough. You should have a command of spoken and written English. Another modern foreign language – Spanish, Italian or French – is a great advantage. The teaching content during the basic course is mostly:

  • Pre- and early history

  • Egyptology

  • Classical archeology

  • Christian archeology and

  • Roman archeology

In the further semesters, focus areas such as B .:

  • Social and military history

  • Settlement geography

  • Urbanism

  • architecture

There are hardly any geographical limits, as remnants of ancient cultures can be found all over the world. This is why excursions are possible worldwide during your studies in order to be able to implement what you have learned in real excavations. Working on the computer is also indispensable in this course.

Archeology must be clearly distinguished from paleontology. Archeology searches for the development of mankind, paleontology searches for fossils, the remains of living things from past geological ages.

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A lot of advance work must be done to submit good scientific papers. It has to be worked on constantly, without major interruption, otherwise an author can quickly get out of the topic. The  exam work and the dissertation can only be completed with a lot of effort. 

Ghostwriting in Archeology

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Archeology in Research

Once you have completed your degree, there are numerous ways you can pursue a career in academic science, for example.

Career Prospects with a Degree in Archeology

A doctorate is often a prerequisite for interesting jobs. Of course, research and teaching come first. But the public administration also offers jobs for archaeologists (monument authority). Further work areas are in the

  • Cultural management,

  • Journalism,

  • Publishing or also in

  • Museums.

The Study of Archeology and its possible Consequences

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