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Ghostwriter Scam

ATTENTION: Writing Scam!

On this page we list all currently new writing scam websites that we know of.

We list all Scam Websites known to us that do Academic Writing on this Page.

CAUTION FRAUD! We are currently receiving information from our customers about new writer websites, which use illegal tricks to smuggle into the top spots on the Google search engine. You use questionable techniques to attract as many users to the website as possible. Such fraudulent websites often use a paid advertising strategy (e.g. Google Adwords) and attract more unsuspecting people to your site. Ultimately, your personal data, such as banking information, is at risk when using such insecure websites. As extreme caution is required here, we list the scam sites we are currently familiar with.

Known Scam Websites:

ATTENTION: Please do not order a service on the above pages, as this will never be fulfilled and you will of course not get your money back.

How do I recognize a reputable Writing Provider?

1. Do not use Websites with Anonymous Operators

The operator or owner of the website should be mentioned in the legal notice (see: )

2. SSL Encryption and Secure Payment

Look for the lock symbol at the top left of the Internet browser. Websites with this symbol transmit the payment information in encrypted form and your data is therefore safe from being spied on.

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